This Privacy Policy applies to all services and products provided by THE MOTORLAND GROUP. To seek clarification of any point contained herein, please contact us online or write to us at:

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This Privacy Policy outlines all aspects of what data THE MOTORLAND GROUP may receive about you and how, and your rights regarding that collection. THE MOTORLAND GROUP we will never sell, rent, trade or license, in whole-part or piecemeal, any information that we hold about or relating to you, gathered through intent or passively, to any third-party and that access to your information within THE MOTORLAND GROUP will be restricted and accessible only where necessary to the function for which it was collected.

Data handling principles

THE MOTORLAND GROUP collects data…

  • For the effective provision of its services;
  • To ensure the integrity of its systems and the safety of its employees;
  • To prevent unauthorised access to and abuse of THE MOTORLAND GROUP’s resources and data.


  • Cross-reference or collate passed and passive data to generate “user profiles”;
  • Seek any more information except than that which is absolutely necessary for the desired function to be carried out;
  • Place “cookies” (small text files) on your system for any reason.

Data we collect

Passed data is information about yourself that you actively and wilfully pass to us by explicitly engaging with active functions of the THE MOTORLAND GROUP site, such as writing to us through our contact form or becoming a client. Any passed information relating to a person or organisation other than your own self that THE MOTORLAND GROUP can reasonably assume that entity would find it disagreeable for THE MOTORLAND GROUP to hold shall have that information removed from THE MOTORLAND GROUP’s systems as soon as possible.

Passive data covers all data that we receive about you through your casual engagement with THE MOTORLAND GROUP, including: the type of device you are accessing the site through; your browser; and your connection speed; in some cases, this information may be collected in conjunction with external resources.

Data security

THE MOTORLAND GROUP take all reasonable physical and digital precautions to ensure the integrity of your data against modification, disclosure or destruction, at least as carefully as it would for its own data. Should any unauthorised access occur, accidentally or otherwise, THE MOTORLAND GROUP will seek to immediately notify any concerned parties and advise them of remedial action.

THE MOTORLAND GROUP enforces strict data handling and management practices among all its employees, and has guidelines on disciplinary action up to contract termination and criminal prosecution.

Your rights

You can, at any time, request that THE MOTORLAND GROUP permanently erase any and all personal and identifiable information directly related to your person or company at any time, and THE MOTORLAND GROUP will endeavour to adhere to this request as quickly as possible and notify you of its completion.


THE MOTORLAND GROUP may, from time to time, change the wording or features of this policy; though THE MOTORLAND GROUP shall not debase its fundamental tenants as described in the “Summary”. THE MOTORLAND GROUP shall retain online and make available an accessible archive of previous policies when an update occurs. Further, THE MOTORLAND GROUP shall endeavour to take reasonable action towards notifying users of any changes.